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Extreme trips, 17.900km Transamazonica

Joe Pichler, the man who made this travel alone, in only 100 days, has a lot of previous experience in this kind of “bike trips”. The Transamazonica, one of the longest and hardest “roads” from the Atlantic Ocean to the Andes mountains, built by 11.000 workers starting at 1973, traverses Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

Joe Pichlers' KTM on the Transamazonica.

But there is not much left of this great project, the jungle tries to devour the the dirt path, it is only practicable in the dry season.

Alternative transport on the Amazonas river.

If you are interested to know more about this travel, read the book “Amazonas, crossing green hell on bike”, in his web. He has also published a very interesting DVD.

BMW R1200RT ‘2010

New color, new dohc heads, and some other modifications make this bike even better than before. The stickers make the BMW seem lighter and more slim.

Is it the same bike?

The modifications in detail: New fairing and windshield, new dohc heads for more torque, instruments in new design, improved buttons, the exhaust receives an exhaust valve for better sound, optionally an improved and more regulable ESA …

First tests showed that the motor seems more alive, with more torque specially in low revolutions, alltough it still has the same power of 110hp.

Daytrip Colmenar-Canencia-Morcuera-Colmenar

This aprox. 136km roundtrip in the mountains of Madrid has a lot of interests. First of all, a lot of bends with good asphalt, great landscapes and finally a nice and cheap gastronomy, ie. in the little village called Rascafría.

Spectacular views from "Puerto de la Morcuera".

The complete googlemaps link.

Honda VFR1200F, better than BMW?

Finally here, the new VFR, awaited a long time at least by the VFR family fans. Will this new Honda fulfill all the wishes they had for the new version of the VFR?

It is a good looking bike, no doubt ...

Designed as a sport-tourer for the very long ride, the motor has enough horsepower and torque for every rider. The VFR is motored by a 1237cc, 16-valve V-4 with lighter and more compact Unicam heads, a valvetrain that permits the cylinders to be turned inward to form a 76º angle; the result is a very compact engine. Single side swingarm, trapezoidal muffler (leaving enough place for travelbags), Combined ABS, normal or Dual Clutch Transmision and a special double fairing design are some of the characteristics of this bike.

The new, very compact and powerful V4.

The bikes shape looks smaller and lighter than it really is, the seat position and handlebar height relaxed and confortable.

Correct, could be lightly "sportier".

The first tests against the direct rivals as ie. K1300S lets the Honda look very good but not better than the competitors, we are looking forward the long distance tests.

Relaxed position inviting to travel around the world.

More on this bike ie. in the web of Honda.