Finally, Yamaha Super Teneré

It was a really long wait for all the Super Teneré fans, more than ten years after Yamaha finished producing the previous model of this famous bike. Reasons?, who knows … but the good thing is that Yamaha designed this new version from scratch and the result is stunning.

Great job, Yamaha!

Parallel twin motor, 1199 ccm, 110 hp / 7250 rpm, 114Nm / 6000 rpm are great arguments to make the «old» XTZ 750 even better.

Special edition "first edition" with bags, motor and frontlight protection.

Yamaha says: «Adventure travelling takes skill, courage and endurance – as well as faith in your machine. Faith that it’ll love rocky river crossings and dirt roads as much as you do. Faith that it’s going to be comfortable on a long freeway haul. Faith that it’s got what it takes to carve up twisty mountain roads.

The all-new Yamaha Super Ténéré is built from the ground up to be the most exciting next-generation adventure tourer, combining Yamaha’s Dakar-bred toughness and reliability with light, easy handling and advanced rider assist technology.»

Original blue or modern white, it's your choice.

We have to say, R1200GS, tremble!

More of this bike at Yamaha Europe.

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