The travelling biker is a well known blog read in the whole world, finally because of its replicated contents in English, German and Spanish. Relying on this fact, The travelling biker is the perfect national and also international platform to promote your brand or product in a way that is suitable for every advertising budget.

Some examples of promotion:

a) A one time dedicated post, presenting and promoting your firm or product to the rest of the blog community, with textual and graphical information, edited by us. Great one time impact.

b) Main sponsor banner: A banner in the size of the whole header area (the three landscape images), rotating with the main header pictures and a maximum of 3 other sponsors of the same kind. This is a advertisement with maximum impact because of its size and presence on all pages.

c) Mini-banner at left column. Banner with 50x50 px size with the logo or slogan of your company, in a shared area. Medium impact.

d) Left column banner. 190 x 70px or half column 93 x 70px banners, very visible due to size. High impact.

e) Header banner: 300 x 68px, located at the header area, right to the webs logo in a privileged area, not shared with anybody else.Very high impact.

f) Banner between posts: A promotial banner of aprox.  200 x 50 px which appears between some posts. Medium impact.

Please ask us for any kind of promotion in «The travelling biker» and for our prices without any commitment.

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